Traveling The World Through Dinner Parties

The word “Umami” means a “pleasant, savory taste” and has been described as brothy or meaty. It’s considered one of the five basic tastes. Not quite sweet or sour. Nor bitter or salty. It’s Umami. And it doesn’t quite fit into a category, so it made its own.

Hi, I’m Amber: a Ruth Bader Ginsburgloving, Galgo-rescuing, Colorado-based foodie who loves to cook and travel. I’m also a Wife & Mom in the thick of it. With daycare costs, life costs and quite a few animals, it’s hard for us to travel. I used to scroll Instagram and see so many beautiful places. I wanted to be on that beach or up in that Hot Air Balloon. I started thinking about what makes traveling so special. I decided the most beautiful thing about travel is the food. Every recipe tells a story. More often than not, these dishes have been passed down by the generations that came before. People take pride in their cuisine and love serving their dishes to guests. Food truly represents community.

Instead of throwing myself a pity party about all the places I probably won’t go until I retire, I’m throwing dinner parties. Lots of them! Come travel with me as we experience Portugal and discover why Paris is always a good idea. Let’s share our family recipes and inspire one another. Bon Appétit!

Love, Amber


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