Authentic Mexican Salsa

Advertisements This is my Mom’s homemade restaurant-style salsa. This is hands down my favorite salsa recipe and we keep it on hand in our house. It’s simple, yet so delicious and quite addicting. It’s perfect on its own with chips or as a dip for tacos, burritos, fajitas, nachos and quesadillas. Ingredients: 1 28 ounce can … Continue reading Authentic Mexican Salsa

Let It Burn!

Advertisements It was late March and a few weeks into quarantine. I had lost my job of 9 years, my dog of 10 years and whatever faith I still had left in humanity. I was feeling a bit gutted when Brené Browne showed up in a new way. If you are not familiar with Brené’s … Continue reading Let It Burn!

Inside Out

Advertisements My husband Hunter, our daughter Margot and I sat on the cold floor of our Vet’s office. Our collective crying was loud and uncontrollable as Margot held our beloved Greyhound’s paw as he took his last breath. Our sweet Goose was gone. The decision to let Goose go peacefully and to stay in the … Continue reading Inside Out

Budget Like a Boss

Advertisements Are you currently in debt? A recent study shows that 80% of Americans are in debt. Whether it’s credit card debt, student or car loans, debt can suffocate us and keep us from living the life we want. For years, my Husband & I were just like so many Americans and in a mountain of debt. … Continue reading Budget Like a Boss

Tapas in Madrid

Advertisements Tapas: cute little shareable bites Ah, tapas. One of my most favorite things about Spain. Anything goes with tapas: cheese, olives, croquettes and garlic shrimp (just to name a few). As long as it’s small and served with a drink, you’re good. What better way to transport your family to another county (even if … Continue reading Tapas in Madrid

“You Are Enough”

Advertisements This is my Husband Hunter with Yoga Royalty, Rodney and Colleen Saidman Yee. Yes, I’m jealous. And, no he doesn’t even practice yoga. My husband works in video production here in Colorado, which means, he sometimes gets to shoot Yoga videos for a living. When Hunter first started working with the Yee’s, I knew who Rodney was, … Continue reading “You Are Enough”