The Bad Offer

We finally found the house! The plan had always been to raise our children in Golden, Colorado and this was it. This was the ONE! However, we had a couple of not-so-small obstacles in our way.

Problem #1: We still had to sell our house.

Problem #2. The house had just been featured on a blog. Not just any blog, but Front + Main, A blog from West Elm, filed under “A Family-friendly Home That Doesn’t Sacrifice Style” and the blog was attracting serious attention.

Problem #3: We couldn’t go much above asking price.

Not good. Not good at all. If I have learned one thing from Author & Motivational Speaker, Simon Sinek, it’s that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Could this same principal be applied to landing us this house? After reading (a.k.a. Low-Key Stalking) the Front + Main blog, I could tell a lot about this family. I knew they had young kids. I knew this Mama was an interior design Goddess & a photographer. I also knew they loved this house. I kept coming back to the phrase, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Our WHAT? Here’s a pretty shitty offer with a contingency, but our WHY? Our WHY was something more, something deeper. Our WHY had a lot going for it, so we wrote them this letter:

“Hi, my name is Margot and I’m two and a half years old. It’s been an amazing summer as I got a baby brother in June. My Mama and Dada have not stopped talking about our potential new home and said if we get it, it will be the best summer ever! My parents couldn’t stop talking about your style and how the home feels artistic and creative, yet a place my baby brother and I can just be kids and have fun. They say they wouldn’t change a thing but would finally be able to hang some of my grandfather’s art, because he is an amateur photographer. I really loved the backyard and seeing the horses. There is so much outdoor space for me and my baby brother to explore. I think our Greyhound Goose will love sitting in the grass watching us play. My Mama and Dada love that your home is on a quiet street where I am safe and can learn how to ride bike. I heard there are trains nearby too. Trains are my favorite! We hope you pick us! Your home would be the perfect place for us to start our adventures as a family of four.

And guess what? We got the house!!! That Halloween, we ran into the adorable family who sold us our home. They had moved up to the mountains and brought their kids down to go trick-or-treating. We told them, “thank you for choosing us!” They looked at us and said, “It was your letter.” Where in your life can you apply this same principal? Perhaps it’s in the work you do. Perhaps it’s something else. However, what I do know for sure and without a doubt is, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Make it a great day friends!


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