The Essential Enneagram Test

There are lots of personality tests out there. They are fun to take! And although entertaining, they are like horoscopes…not totally accurate or all that helpful. That was until I discovered the Enneagram Test. I am probably late to this party, but if you’ve never taken it, I highly recommend doing so. You can take it online and it’s free! The Enneagram Test identifies 9 personality types. It also identifies what motivates you. The test is freaky accurate! I am a type 2 with a 3 wing. Type twos are The Helpers. Yoko Ono is a 2, but so was Tammy Faye Bakker. Princess Diana was a 2, but so is Bill Cosby. It’s interesting how certain people with the same personality types can use who they are at their core in the most positive of ways or on the flip side, to manipulate & hurt others. Type 3’s, for example, are The Achievers. Ted Bundy was a 3, but so is Oprah. Now clearly there is some nature vs. nurture stuff going on, but it’s fascinating! I have been re-reading my Enneagram type this weekend. I think it’s important that we all understand who we are so we can not only understand others, but more importantly live in a more understanding and meaningful way. And if you are wondering which influential people fall under each type, here you go!

  1. The Reformer- Michelle Obama, Mary Poppins, Captain “Sully”
  2. The Helper- Nancy Regan, Dolly Parton, Barbara Walters
  3. The Achiever- Andy Warhol, Lady Gaga, Elvis
  4. The Individualist- Anne Frank, Judy Garland, Bob Dylan
  5. The Investigator- Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh
  6. The Loyalist- Sigmund Freud, Eminem, Jennifer Aniston
  7. The Enthusiast- Amelia Earhart, George Clooney, Robin Williams
  8. The Challenger- Frank Sinatra, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jack Nicholson
  9. The Peacemaker- Audrey Hepburn, Walt Disney, Ronald Regan


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