Your Why Doesn’t Change

I love everything Simon Sinek. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he’s an author, an optimist and a motivational speaker. He also coined the insanely popular phrase “Find Your Why” and has this whole Golden Circle thing to help you find it. Lately, I’ve been feeling more anxious than usual. The company I’ve been with for 8 years is experiencing layoffs for the first time and it has me in crisis mode. When I feel out of control like this, I like to organize like a crazy person. I’m not peacefully KonMari’ing my things. I’m straight up Sleeping with the Enemy, cans face the front type of organizing! I’m not asking my things if they “Spark Joy” or folding my shirts into perfect little rectangles. Nope, I’m just trying to keep my mind distracted. While experiencing this bought of  OCD, I found my High School yearbook. Underneath my senior year class photo was a quote of my choosing. And I had chosen Jewel. You know, the “Foolish Games” singer? The quote was this: “In the end only kindness matters.” I had forgotten about this quote. My why, my purpose. The thing I want to take out into the world. The thing  that makes my soul shine. For me, it’s being kind to people and animals and advocating for that in which I believe. Simon Sinek says we all only have one why and that your why doesn’t change. Furthermore, he says your why is fully formed by the time you are a teenager. I think in some weird sign from the universe type way, I needed to find this quote. Simon says that while the language of your why can change, your why cannot because it is the sum total of who you are. My why had some cobwebs on it. My why was definitely getting cluttered by negative headspace. And by not living my why, I wasn’t my best self. So  whatever your why is, know that it is yours, uniquely yours.




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